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Brazil. Salvador. Upper city. Terreiro de Jesus Square.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 12th, 2016


is the city where major part of population is Afro American people. They are descendants of former slaves, who were brought here from Africa. Despite hundreds years of slavery, planting of Catholicizm, they didn't forget their gods and built their churches.
But here are a lot of Catholic churches as well.
So, we are on the Terreiro de Jesus Square. And how many churches you can see around, look!
1-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgAt the very beginning of the Square there is located a

Society of Jesus Cathedral

, built in 1672.
2-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgLet's go inside.
3-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg4-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg5-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg6-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg7-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgAn impressive interior!
We go out and just in front of us we see a fountain and a San-Domingo Church behind.
8-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgIt is a San Domingo Church. Over there on the right is

San Francisco Church

9-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgHere are Cathedral, African-Brazilian Museum (orange one) and San-Pedro-dos-Clerigos Church on the right. The Square is paved with black and white stones as in Portugal.
11-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg12-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgThe square from the other angle looks like this:
13-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgGreen bar in the middle is Terreiro de Jesus Square, where we are now.
14-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgFurther we get to the Praca Ancieta Square, that is in front of San-Francisco Church.
15-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg16-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgWe are to came into the church from the other entrance.
17-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg18-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpg19-terreiro-de-jesus-brazil.jpgTo be continued.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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