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Brazil. Walking Around Rio De Janeiro. P.1.

Capi4ca • 5 minutes read • May 24th, 2016
Let's start with a little bit of information.
City of

Rio de Janeiro

, the former capital of Brazil (1764-1960), is located on the Atlantic coast in Guanabara Bay.
This place was discovered by the Portuguese on January 1, 1502. They thought that Guanabara Bay was the mouth of the river and named it "January River", which can be translated from the Portuguese as Rio de Janeiro.
The Portuguese founded here a city that was called San Sebastian de Rio de Janeiro in honor of the Portuguese king Sebastian I. Such a long name! 
FIFA World Cup took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 and in 2016, the Summer Olympic Games will be also held here.

So we arrived at the Carioca subway station. A lot of different attractions are concentrated in this part of the city.
How do you think - what kind of construction is this?
It is the Cathedral of San Sebastian for 20 thousand people! This is a modern Cathedral, it was built in 1976 on the site of the old church built in 1676. Architect Edgar de Oliveira was inspired by the Mayan pyramids in Mexico. And I can really understand him!
Can you see the statue of Jesus Christ on


Mountain far away? It can be seen from any part of the city!
And here is another one modern 29-storey building - the Petrobras building. It looks like the Rubik's cube, with several removed elements. This building accommodates headquarters of the Brazilian state oil company.
It is surrounded by a park with fountains. You can see a small dome in the distance - this is the building of the Municipal Theater.
The Municipal Theater was built in 1909 following the form of the Paris Opera.
There is a square in front of the theater. The square is called


, although officially it is called Floriano Peixoto Square (in honor of the second president of Brazil).
There are many beautiful buildings around the square. You can see the National Museum of Fine Arts in the right corner.
This is the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro.
There is the monument to Floriano Peixoto at the square.
There is the building of the National Library of Brazil on the right.
This is Cinelandia Square (or Floriano Peixoto Square).
We are going further. Can you see that line? This is the National Museum of Fine Arts (Museu Nacional de Belas Artes).
We continue our way. This is the Church of Our Lady of the Candelaria, or simply Candelaria Church.
The street goes to the right - look at that flat building.
Let's go inside the church.
We are going inside.
Stained glass windows are so beautiful here.
We are leaving the church.
When we came out, the fountain in front of the church started working.
Look at that interesting clock. It shows a day of a month and a day of a week.
We went further. Look at that interesting mailbox!
We came to the Church of the Third Order of Carmelites (the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel).
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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