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Buenos Aires

Sergey Dolya • 7 minutes read • March 21st, 2016

Have you ever been to 

Buenos Aires

? No? Then imagine Paris. Now replace French with Spanish people. Did you imagine? That’s all! Consider that you have been to Buenos Aires! And now more details and pictures ...
The capital of Argentina, 

Buenos Aires

, surprised by the absence of African American people and it’s similarity with Europe. I had a feeling that I was walking down the streets of Paris, not the South American city:

First, we went to the main square. It is called the May Square in honor of the May Revolution:

Here we can see the Government House - Pink Palace or

Casa Rosada

. Have you seen "Evita"? That is the balcony where she sang "Do not cry for me, Argentina":

The square is guarded by the police who look for pickpocketers. There are a lot less of them here than in Rio. Generally, the city is more peaceful from the criminal point of view:

On the square, you can also find the main cathedral of Argentina - The Metropolitan Cathedral. It is a very strange building. It looks like Roman Pantheon from the outside, not a church:

Inside, it is a huge cathedral which consists of three long aisles:

Argentines are a very religious nation. They take faith very seriously:

There is another similarity with Pantheon: the greatest hero of South America - General San Martín is buried here. A great number of streets and squares throughout South America has his name. There are a lot of monuments in his honor in different cities. Especially people honor him in Argentina, Chile and Peru. San Martin was a soldier in the Spanish army. When Napoleon attacked Spain and made it weak, San Martin had led the liberation movement for the independence of South America. There is an honorable guard near his grave:

You can reach the square by a pedestrian street called Florida. It is the main tourist street in Argentina. There are many shops and cafes here:

Argentines are very friendly:

They always drink 'mate'. It is one of the most popular drinks in Argentina and Uruguay. Everyone from sellers to security guards in stores drinks it:

You can drink 'mate' from a special cup through a tube which has a special filter at the end. People also carry a thermos with hot water:

They fill the cup with herbal solution, then pour a small amount of hot water and drink it. I have tried. It tastes awful. You can use herbal solution several times and then replace with a new one:

You can buy a cup for 'mate' almost in every store:

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in the city of Buenos Aires. Most of them have a long history. For example, all famous Argentine writers and aristocrats met at cafe Tortoni. It was opened in 1851:

We had to stand in line for 15 minutes to get inside. I remembered the Moscow McDonald's on Pushkin Square immediately after its opening. This cafe is also famous for its collection of Tiffany's lamps (over the bar):

Some more interiors of the old restaurants:

One of the most popular drinks in Argentina is called the 'Submarine'. This is a glass of hot milk with a chocolate bar at the bottom:

There are a lot of parks and squares in the city:

Argentines love dogs very much. There are special "Hotels" for them in the parks.  You can leave your pet in the fenced area and go shopping to a nearby store:

There is a bohemian district called La Boka not far from the center:

This is a coastal area near the old port. Poor immigrants used to live here before. They took the leftovers of the paint from local sailors and painted their houses. Therefore, this district looks very colorful and variegated:

There are a lot of artists and performers here. For 15 pesos you can dance tango with professional dancers or just take a picture with them:

Argentina is known for its meat, soccer, and tango. Everyone dances here, but, unfortunately, only in the evening or at night. We could not see the show. All we have seen is a couple of restaurants where dancers and singers were entertaining the viewers:

Here, in La Boca, there is a stadium of Boca Juniors, one of the most famous teams in Argentina and South America: 

Unlike many other stadiums, it has a square shape. Therefore, the Argentines call it the "box of candies":

Great Maradona played on the team at this stadium:

Houses near the stadium are colored accordingly:

From La Boca we moved to the fashionable quarter of Buenos Aires - Recoleta. Here we found a street with the most expensive shops and the famous cemetery where Evita was buried. Here people were buried in the tombs, not in the ground:

Evita’s vault is very modest. Recoleta is aristocratic cemetery, and she had troubles with the local establishment. Therefore, place for her wasn’t found at once, but only 30 years after her death:

The musical Evita is also popular here:

Unfortunately, we only had 10 hours in Buenos Aires. I really liked this city. Now we must drive 250 kilometers to the ocean as it is situated in a very muddy bay of La Plata with brown water from Riachuelo river.
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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