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Buenos Aires, La Boca Neighborhood. P1

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 4 minutes read • October 9th, 2016
The neighborhood La Boca, which translates as "the mouth", is a district in 

Buenos Aires

 that is large, dark, dirty and depressing. I have always been surprised by the paradox: how can one of the most famous sights of the city be, at the same time, one of the most dangerous and poorer areas? In fact, everything is simple. La Boca is the area. And a place, where tourists are usually brought is a small patch of the district of La Boca, called 


. It can be translated as a "path".
This small patch is solely for tourists. Caminito does not render the atmosphere of La Boca. Moreover, it doesn’t render the atmosphere of Argentina at all. It is a totally artificial place, where buses bring tourists, or the tourists come here individually. Here are the typical views of Caminito:
1buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg2buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg3buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgThere are several brightly colored houses. This area used to be a port and sailors (according to unknown sailor tradition) tried to sheathe their homes with embossed metal sheets and paint them with colored inks.
4buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg5buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg6buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg7buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg8buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgCaminito has everything that a true tourist needs: tango dances and singing:
9buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg10buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg11buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg12buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg13buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg14buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg15buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg16buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg17buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgThis is a typical souvenir set from Argentina. In the center of the composition, you can see nesting dolls, which have become a national souvenir long since.
There is also a small Wax Museum in 


. The museum is not large, but the figures represent historic scenes throughout the history of Argentina. There’s nothing particularly interesting.
18buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg19buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg20buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg21buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg22buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg23buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg24buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg25buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg26buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg27buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg28buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg29buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg30buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg31buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg32buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgThe neighborhood La Boca is considered to be unfavorable and dangerous. I walked around several times there, and everything was ok, nothing happened. In general, in Buenos Aires, everything that is located closer to the south is poor and disadvantaged; and everything that is located closer to the north is prestigious and safe. As I said, Caminito and La Boca are two completely different places, although many tourists continue to think that if they were in Caminito, they had "visited" La Boca.
33buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg34buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg35buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg36buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg37buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg38buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg39buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg40buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg41buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg42buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg43buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg44buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg The second part of the review can be found here.
Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: 

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