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Buenos Aires, La Boca Neighborhood. P2

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 3 minutes read • October 9th, 2016
This is the second part of the review about La Boca, a neighborhood in 

Buenos Aires

. Here you can find the first part.
45buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg46buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg47buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg48buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg49buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg50buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg51buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg52buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg53buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg54buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg55buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgHere is the touristic part of La Boca:
56buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgAnd this is the real La Boca:
57buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg58buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg59buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg60buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg61buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgBy the way, in order to see the real La Boca, I recommend that visitors travel by open bus. Going by this bus through La Boca, offers real sights including the rotting houses, the local people and all sorts of gatherings on public benches. In general, real life. People who live in La Boca are not rich. Young people usually wear shoes, shorts, a baseball cap on their newly shaven head, and a T-shirt with white and blue stripes - the same colors as the national flag. These T-shirts, by the way, are sold in all tourist spots. Mostly only tourists and locals from La Boca buy them. Other residents typically do not wear them.
62buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg63buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgThese are the local residents of La Boca.
64buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg65buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg66buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg67buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg68buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg69buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg70buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg71buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg72buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg73buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg74buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg75buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg76buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg77buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg78buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpgGoing by bus, you can see a huge contrast between the two characteristic features of 

Buenos Ayres

 - after La Boca the bus turns in Puerto Madero, the most expensive and prestigious area in Buenos Aires.
So Buenos Aires has an amazing feature; the poor area is directly adjacent to the wealthy one. Having crossed the street, you find yourself in a very different world. The same thing with the shantytown, Villa 31. Here you can find my review about this area.
79buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg80buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg81buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg82buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg83buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg84buenos-aires-la-boca-neighborhood.jpg Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: 

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