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Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero. P1

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 4 minutes read • October 9th, 2016
Puerto Madero is the most prestigious district in 

Buenos Aires

. Here are some typical views:
1buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgIn Puerto Madero, there are so-called docks (water tanks), ornamental, non-operating port cranes and brick buildings along the docks, where cafes and restaurants are located.
2buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg3buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg4buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg5buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg6buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg7buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgThere’s "

Puente de la Mujer

" (the Woman’s Bridge) above one of the docks. It is one (for no explicable reason) of the main attractions in 

Buenos Aires

. I considered to be a more or less ordinary design for an architect-designer.
8buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgHowever, it was nice to stroll there, or even to celebrate the New Year and watch the fireworks.
9buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgTwo historic ships are moored at the docks. There are museums inside.
10buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg11buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg12buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgThere’s a tram line along Puerto Madero. Only one (!) foreign, modern tram (just like in Europe) was purchased. It runs regularly at a speed slightly lower than the speed of a bicycle. Empirically, if you go by foot from one end to the other, you get there faster than if you wait 40 minutes for the tram, and then ride it. Tourists cannot be surprised by such transportation, so only the locals of Buenos Aires go by it inquisitively. Typically, there are 2-3 passengers in the tram.
13buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg14buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgThe docks have parking for boats and sailing ships. And sometimes there are people sailing in the docks. 
15buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg16buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg17buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg18buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgBy the way, the road bridges between the docks are drawn for the passage of large vessels. The bridges are drawn not upwards, but sideways. But there is a pedestrian bridge, which is drawn up.
19buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg20buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgCatfish and turtles live in the docks.
21buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgHere’s a summer view of the docks of Puerto Madero:
22buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg23buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg24buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg25buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg26buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg27buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg28buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg29buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg30buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg31buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg32buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpgAnd these are photos taken during the winter months: 
33buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg34buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg35buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg36buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg37buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg38buenos-aires-puerto-madero-p1.jpg Other parts of the review can be found here:
Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: Zoozi

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