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Buenos Aires. The Old Town, Touristic Area San Telmo. P1

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 3 minutes read • October 9th, 2016

San Telmo 

is a famous tourist area in 

Buenos Aires

. There are streets with cobblestones, and old tram rails.
San Telmo is the Old Town. Stone cobbled streets, old houses, restaurants, and hotels, antique shops, as well as heaps of foreigners. There are also cosy places, and uncomfortable ones as well.
1buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg2buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg3buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg4buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg5buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgSan Telmo has the Museum of the City of 

Buenos Aires

. It's free and has several locations.
6buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgDoors of Buenos Aires are special and numerous in the city. There are carved, cast iron, wood, cast, ornate, huge and small doors. Another zone of the museum has articles of from ancient life and the toys. Here are some examples:
7buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg8buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgHowever, you can see or even buy the same pieces, or toys, in a huge indoor antique market where absolutely everything is for sale!!! So, here’s the market:
9buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg10buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg11buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg12buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg13buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg14buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg15buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg16buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg17buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgGenerally, San Telmo district is an antique district.
The National Art Museum of Argentina looks very pale compared to the antique shops of San Telmo!
18buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg19buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg20buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg21buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgThere are forged art pieces as well. So be careful!
22buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgSan Telmo is certainly very interesting from an architectural point of view!
23buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg24buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgIn some places, the San Telmo neighborhood is dirty.
25buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgTherefore, San Telmo is directly adjacent to the most prestigious area of Puerto Madero, which is very clean!
26buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg27buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg28buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgThe second part of the review can be found here.
Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: 

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