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Buenos Aires. The Old Town, Touristic Area San Telmo. P2

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 3 minutes read • October 9th, 2016
This is the second part of the review. Here you can find the first one.
The main place, where the tourists go in San Telmo (

Buenos Aires

), is 

Plaza Dorrego

(Dorrego Square). There are many restaurants, souvenir shops and stalls. And the locals sing heartbreaking Argentine songs and dance the tango in front of the open-air tables on weekends for tourists.
29buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg30buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg31buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg32buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg33buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg34buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg35buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg36buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgEach Sunday, until 6 p.m. on Defensa Street, there’s a group of people marching and dancing to drums. They do not beg anybody for money, but they dance for their own pleasure. They dance the Uruguayan dance, Candombe.
Among ancient buildings, there are a lot of tasteless modern ones:
37buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg38buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgArgentines are passionate about life and its beauty! Therefore, on rooftops, they often arrange paradise. There are pools, greenery and sun loungers.
39buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgUnfortunately, the abandoned houses are often taken over by dwellers.
40buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg41buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgIn San Telmo, there’s also the Cathedral of Santo Domingo (

Santo Domingo Convent

42buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg43buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgThis is an inner, private courtyard. Priests live there.
44buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgIf you walk down Defensa Street a little further, you will cross Brazil Street. You need to turn left and you will see the Russian Church and Parque Lezama in front. On weekends, there’s a huge market on its slopes. It’s for locals and poor people. Very cheap, second-hand clothes and toys are sold there...
45buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg46buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg47buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg48buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg49buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg50buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpgHere are more photos of San Telmo.
51buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg52buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg53buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg54buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg55buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg56buenos-aires-the-old-town-touristic-area-san-telmo.jpg Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
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