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Buenos Aires. Touristic Routes. P2

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 4 minutes read • October 9th, 2016
This is the second part of the review about the tourist routes in 

Buenos Aires

. The first review can be found here

Florida Street

is a lively tourist area. So people are at risk of being robbed. Therefore, there are a lot more police. 
34buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg35buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg36buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgThere’s a department store in Florida Street. It is called Galerias Pacifico.
37buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg38buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgMany boutiques in the Galerias Pacifico are regular. However, there is a food court on the lower floors.
39buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg40buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg41buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgBut not all tourists know the main secret of the 

Galerias Pacifico

. There are several galleries (almost free) with modern Buenos Aires Art on the upper floors. This part of the building is called Centro Cultural Borges. The exhibits are changed frequently.
43buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgA two-story, yellow tourist bus starts its route at the beginning of Florida Street, from Diagonal Norte Street. 
44buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg45buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgThe tourist bus is good for a superficial acquaintance with the city.
46buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgThe bus runs every 20 minutes. I recommend starting the route by bus at about 3 p.m.,  in the morning there are lots of people and you risk standing ain line for 2 hours.
47buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg48buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg49buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgPlaza San Martin is situated on the other side of Florida Street. This area, together with the park of San Martin is beautiful, though it’s not very safe.
50buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg51buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg52buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg53buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg54buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg55buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpgThis zone is unsafe because it is near Retiro Square, as well as the main railway station in Buenos Aires, the main bus terminal in Buenos Aires, and the main attraction of Buenos Aires - the illegal city, Villa-31. Retiro Square is visible from San Martin Square.
56buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg57buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg58buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg59buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg60buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg61buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg62buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg63buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg64buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg65buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg66buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg67buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg68buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg69buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg70buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg71buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg72buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg73buenos-aires-touristic-routes.jpg Here you can find the third part of this review.
Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: 

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