Bussa Emancipation Statue, Bridgetown, Barbados | CruiseBe
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Bussa Emancipation Statue

History and museums
monument, statue

The Bussa Emancipation Statue is a public sculpture of a slave rebellion leader in Barbados, east of Bridgetown. The statue is located at centre of the J.T.C. Ramsay roundabout formed at the junction of the ABC Highway and Highway 5. Many Barbadians refer to the statue as Bussa, the name of a slave who helped inspire a revolt against slavery in Barbados in 1816.

The statue was created 1985 by Bajan sculptor Karl Broodhagen 169 years after the rebellion. The statue symbolizes the "Breaking Of Chains."

This was the chant of thousands of Barbadians when apprenticeship was abolished in 1838, signifying their freedom and happiness. The statue of Bussa is viewed by millions of tourists and inhabitants annually.


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