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Cabo San Lucas. Mexico

Dmytro Cherkasov • 6 minutes read • January 5th, 2017
Yes, this is a "morning" picture. Cruise ships usually sail into the next port early in the morning so tourists have time to explore the local attractions. Despite the fact that we were in a bay near the city of 

Cabo San Lucas

at dawn, we had only half a day.
Here, we finally arrived in Mexico.
Our cruise ship was not able to moor in the port, so we were taken ashore by these boats. Here you can see it being set afloat. One of the lower decks had special gates. People came forward and passengers boarded. 
The sky was amazingly colorful that day. I showed my pictures to a waitress in a bar, she was from the city. When she saw the pictures of the sunrise she said that one could admire such colorful sunrises there almost all the time.
Can you see boats near the rocks? They all carry the tourists to whale watch. While we were eating breakfast, we watched them jumping out of the water. Like in South Africa, whales come here for procreation. Unfortunately they didn't stay in the bay for long. They went somewhere else as soon as the day came.
However, local people weren't sitting idle. Here's another tourist attraction - the 


. We didn't go there because we had only half a day. Nevertheless, when we were leaving the bay, the arch was perfectly visible. We saved money and time. :-)
The beach next to the arch is called "Lover's Beach". People are also carried there on boats. Or they get there by swimming on surfboards. Do you see a dark heap on the right, on the beach near the water? These are not stones, these are seals. Perhaps that is why people do not come ashore.

Cabo San Lucas

is a typical tourist city. There are a lot of pleasure boats and fishing boats near the berths.
It was impossible to take a step on the pier without being "attacked" by barkers. At some point I became so tired of them that I decided to silently show my ticket to the Dolphinarium. This was the most effective way to get rid of them, immediately.
I guess this modest ship took our berth. I asked a local guide about its owner - he said no one knew. The yacht is owned by a company, but it is rumored that its owner is a very high powered man from Mexico. I've never seen a helicopter on a private yacht before.
There were so many pelicans in the local port. Pelicans, for me, are like an exotic bird in the zoo. They were just everywhere here. They sat and begged for fish at every fishing boat. You can see "salient features" of their visit on every boat.
"Honey, let me present you with this wonderful boat. I'm ready to give you all my money. We are the birds. We don't need money!"
As I mentioned above, we had another purpose. We were heading toward the Dolphinarium. Toward that gray building hardly visible behind the masts.
Since I was strictly forbidden to take photos in the dolphinarium, I will show you some photos taken by local photographers during the show. I must say that when I was paying for pictures, I realized why they didn't allow to take pictures on my own. The pictures were so expensive! :-)
Our dolphin's name was "Agua" - that means water in Spanish. She was 16 years old, if I remember correctly. Dolphins live for 25-30 years, although sometimes they live till 50. In this photo you can see it jumping out of the water with its son. These are Pacific bottlenose dolphins.
It was surprisingly pleasant to deal with them. They had a rubber-toy feel. Dolphins are very sensitive, so you are not allowed to use perfumes, deodorants and creams before swimming with them. Including sunblock. 
Moreover, the dolphin refused flatly to swim with a man who volunteered to be the first. It was swam away and did not listen to the coach. Then the tamer asked me to be the first. There was no such problem with me. Agua allowed me to swim on him from the very first try.
It's interesting to know that the fish the dolphins eat here is imported from Russia. Maybe it's cheaper and thus they save money. Because it is difficult to find another explanation - they have the ocean nearby.
Then all the dolphins arranged a show. There were four groups of visitors in the dolphinarium. Each group had its own "personal" dolphin.
It is a pity that we had so little time here. Despite the marines with machine guns on the berth and two police boats constantly floating by our ship, I liked the city. It would be great to return there. You can see one of those boats on the right, in the picture. It accompanied us to the exit from the bay.
By the way, this city is not just a port. When we turned the cape, we saw a lot of hotels and huge sandy beaches.
This was my acquaintance with Mexico.
Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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