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Caesarea, Israel

Nefer • 3 minutes read • September 26th, 2016


is a city built by King Herod and it served as the capital of Israel, during the ancient Roman period. There you can find a theater, a "palace on the reef," an amphitheater for King Herod, baths, administrative and economic areas, a fortified town from the Middle Ages, a port, a court of churches, a court of statues, a synagogue, a Roman wall, an amphitheater, a Byzantine wall, a racetrack, an upper aqueduct, a lower aqueduct. Many of the excavations are not fenced in.
1caesarea-israel.jpg2caesarea-israel.jpg3caesarea-israel.jpg4caesarea-israel.jpg5caesarea-israel.jpg6caesarea-israel.jpg7caesarea-israel.jpg8caesarea-israel.jpg9caesarea-israel.jpg10caesarea-israel.jpg11caesarea-israel.jpg Author: Nefer
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