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Cagliari Is The South Of Sardinia

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 17th, 2016
I continue my review about 


In a couple of days, we went to the very south of the island, to the capital of 


The weather was sunny; 71-77F (22-25C)
The city made quite a good impression. Especially when we started getting acquainted with the city from the quay.
It was so authentic there :)
There were a small number of tourists comparing the north of the island.
1cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg2cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgHere's via Roma.
3cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg4cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg5cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgWe went to the old part of the city.
6cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg7cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgNote the steepness of the ascent!
There were a lot of these streets :)
8cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg9cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg10cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg11cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgThe Castello district, the oldest part of the city, is located quite high and the streets leading to it are quite steep! By the way, you can use an elevator!
12cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgThis is a so-called 

"Elephant" Tower

with an image of the elephant from 1300.
13cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgHere’re some more photos of the Old Town...
14cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgWell, we looked inside the Cathedral, where an office of Baptism was held.
The Cathedral of Santa Maria was built in 1000-1100, and it was rebuilt and changed several times.
15cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg16cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg17cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg18cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgAbove all, we wanted to go to the National Archaeological Museum in the old part of the city to look at the collection of "bronzetti", the so-called bronze statuettes remaining from the ancient Sardinian civilization.
19cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgI was surprised that the museum turned out to be free.
There’re ancient buildings that haven’t been fully studied by scientists... These buildings are dated 1500-2000 BC.
I liked "bronzetti" :) There were men and women with children and livestock...
20cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg21cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg22cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg23cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgWell, there were not only bronze figurines in the museum, of course...
Here are more ancient figurines (dated 3000 BC), the image of the goddess "Mother of the Mediterranean." 
24cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg25cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg26cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgThere I came upon another unusual church.
This was the courtyard...
27cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg28cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg29cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg30cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg31cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgHaving walked enough, I decided to go for lunch on the waterfront. 
32cagliari-southofsardinia.jpg33cagliari-southofsardinia.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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