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Canals, National Museum In Copenhagen

o_l_g_a_r_i • 6 minutes read • July 31st, 2016
We went to 


again. The weather was great. This time, I want to offer you low-cost entertainment options in Copenhagen. The city is still not the cheapest, but even if you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can have a nice time there. The main thing is to know the places. Do you agree?
First, I want to show you a tour along the canals (it is very cheap), and second, a good restaurant (again, much cheaper than the regular price), as well as the National Museum, which is free.
Take a look and decide for yourself :)
1canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgFirst of all, a few words about the restaurant.
It is called Amalfi, so just by the name you know it's Italian.
The first and second dishes were pretty good, but we did not like just desserts there.
The prices were typical for a restaurant, but not so much that it was cheap. 
As I have already noted, the food was good enough. It could easily be considered to be at the "gourmet" level. And it was a real discovery for 20 Euros!
However, the list of meals was small.
2canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg3canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg4canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgThe restaurant is located in a very pretty place on the square, "

Gråbrødretorv". There were a lot of people there. 

5canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg6canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgAnd now about the trip through the canals.
There are different options - there is a short tour or a long tour, which is more expensive. The last option is valid for one day and can be used as a means to travel between places of interest.
We took these tours few times :) When the weather is nice, it's a much more pleasant way to get around the city than by bus!
We started from the 


station, close to the railway station. By the way, there is also a very nice shopping mall!!!
7canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg8canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgYou can see the "Black Diamond" library.
9canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg10canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgWe sailed through the narrower canals.
Pay attention to the "height" of the bridges!
11canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgAnother boat, similar to ours, with a guide sailed ahead of us.
There was no guide on our boat (and, thank God, I cannot stand them!), but the visitors could listen to the information through headphones, in different languages...
12canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgThis is the Opera House. I will not describe it in detail, let me just say that it is possible to choose a tour that stops at the Opera House.
13canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgOr you can get there via this boat.  
14canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgWe arrived in Nyhavn.
It looked good from this angle.
15canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg16canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgAnd then we sailed through some residential areas where shuttles stopped right in front of the homes :)  
17canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg18canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgWe sailed in a wide canal. There was even some military ships moored. 
19canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgThis is the ship that belongs to the Queen of Denmark. 
20canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgHere you can see the pier for the royal ship :)
21canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgOh, here are the cruise ships :)
22canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg23canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgThis is another fort...
24canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgAnd here’s the little mermaid!
Did you know that she’s almost 100 years old?! She looks good, probably because a ballet dancer was posing for her :) 
25canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgHere’s the Mærsk building. Arnold Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, a tycoon presented the Opera House to Copenhagen...
26canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg27canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgWe passed by the Opera house. It was closer this time.
28canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg29canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg30canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgAt the same time, our trip came to the end. We arrived in Nyhavn.
And we walked toward the museum...
31canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg32canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgAnd here it is.
33canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgWhy should you definitely visit this museum?  
First, it is the most interesting museum in Denmark!
There's an absolutely wonderful room with coffins and very old mummies!!! And there were a lot of different interesting items from the Viking period. Second, it's free!!!
Third, you are allowed to take pictures inside. 
And here are some photos from inside.
34canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgHere’s an interesting collection of coins and medals. 
35canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg36canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg37canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgThis is a funny collection of counterfeit money :)
38canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg39canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgHere’s an original portrait, painted on a platter, but only visible through the cylinder.
40canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg41canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg42canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgHere are the coffins…
43canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpg…with mummies. Their clothes were still intact! 
The tombs in the national museum were more than 3 thousand years old . . . 
In this room, there was music playing and it was very dark.
44canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgThese ornaments, made of amber, are also very old; from the Iron Age. Some of the pieces were more than 7000 years old! Very impressive :)
45canals-nationalmuseum-incopenhagen.jpgAuthor: o_l_g_a_r_i
Translated by: Zoozi

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