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Cape Horn. National park "Tierra del Fuego". Conclusion

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 8th, 2016
By the second day of traveling through the Drake Passage, we noticed land which is the extreme tip of South America, the well-known 

Cape Horn.

 We’re coming back....
At some other time and during another adventure Cape Horn would certainly seem something incredibly romantic and legendary. Tourists on ships would undoubtedly consider it to be the main destination of the route and their enthusiastic biography. For us, however, after two weeks of travel and eight days in the ices of Antarctica, Cape Horn is perceived in a different way. It seems we’re just coming back home. Certainly, it would be incorrect and ignorant to treat this place with disrespect. "Academician Ioffe" approaches the huge rock, which is the most southern point of South America, then turns to the right, passes along the Cape Horn and gives a shrill beep. We returned from the expedition to Antarctic and are back on the Big Land again!
2-capehorn-chile.jpg3-capehorn-chile.jpg4-capehorn-chile.jpgIn the evening we had a traditional dinner with the captain, where he thanked all tourists and invited them to return aboard of "Academician Ioffe" again to learn about other unique corners of the planet. I had the honor to sit at the same table with the captain and his family.
Then the remarkable team of "One Ocean Expeditions" said goodbye to tourists. They are awesome people!
At night before our arrival to 


my phone started to beep & ring like crazy. We haven't had service for nearly two weeks, and now after we left restless open spaces of the Drake Passage and reached Tierra Del Fuego, communication appeared again. Having docked in the morning in the well-known port Ushuaia, "Academician Ioffe" returned to civilization at last.
5-capehorn-chile.jpgBefore the evening flight to Buenos Aires, I had enough time to go to the 

national park "Tierra del Fuego" 

on a special tourist locomotive which used to transport convicts inhabiting these places back in the day. Now it has become one of the main sights of Ushuaia.
6-capehorn-chile.jpg7-capehorn-chile.jpg8-capehorn-chile.jpg9-capehorn-chile.jpg10-capehorn-chile.jpg11-capehorn-chile.jpg12-capehorn-chile.jpgThe long way home is still awaiting. However, our trip is pretty much over. I had planned it exactly a year in advance, telling myself that I would definitely go on an expedition cruise to Antarctic on the Russian research vessel. A considerable part of 2013 trips was only a prelude for me, a peculiar preparation for this travel. Expectations were completely met and even surpassed. It was one of the brightest and most beautiful cruises, in some moments, perhaps, even the most unusual too. I discovered a new type of traveling for me - expedition cruises. I also got to meet so many wonderful people. It was great!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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