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Caracol, Ancient Maya Archaeological Site In Belize

Isurok • 4 minutes read • February 15th, 2017
1caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgIn this review, I want to tell you a little more of


, the ancient Maya archaeological site in


. By the way, it was one of the world's largest cities at the time - 80 square kilometers and a population of 150 thousand.
2caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgThe entrances to the site pass military checkpoints, as there's a war against drug trafficking.
3caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgThis is an altar in the center of Caracol. Below, a victim's head was neatly cut off with a sword and then it was taken upstairs of the pyramid to show it to the Sun God that a tribute of that day was given. To the right and to the left - there were homes of the sacrificers not far from the place of execution.
4caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpg5caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgHere are the remains of the pyramids. It should be noted that the Maya did not have metal tools of labor, and all this was done with stone tools!
6caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgThis is a field for ball games. It's the most famous game of the Maya in which the winning team was executed for the glory of the gods.
7caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgThese are the remains obscure reliefs.
8caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgThese are some Mayan writings.
9caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgBy the way, here's the altar on which the heads. The pattern notches in stone were made for the blood to drip slowly into the bowels of which the sacrificers drank later.
10caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgIt's not just a swamp. It is a place where the girls were sacrificed. Blood wasn't enough for the Gods, so women for some reason were not executed with a sword. They were drowned in the pond with a quite big stone tied to the legs. Women's blood was displeasing to the gods.
11caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpgHere's few surviving ornament. You have to understand that at the time of the Maya, all the pyramids were painted in bright colors, mainly in the red color of blood.
12caracol-ancient-maya-archaeological-site-in-belize.jpg Author: Isurok
Translated by:

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