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Carbet Mountains

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The Carbet Mountains (French: Pitons Du Carbet, or Carbet Nails) are a massif of volcanic origin on the Caribbean island of Martinique.

The mountain range is a popular tourist, hiking, and rock climbing destination.


The Carbet Mountains occupy an 80 km long path through the centre of the island, and include some of its highest peaks, though Martinique's highest point Mount Pelée is not part of the range.


The five highest mountain peaks of the Carbet range and their heights are:

  • Piton Lacroix or Morne Pavillon (1196 m)
  • Morne Piquet (1160 m)
  • Piton Dumauzé (1109 m)
  • Piton de l'Alma (1105 m)
  • Piton Boucher (1070 m)

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