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Carboot Flea Market In Belfast, UK

lavagra • 5 minutes read • January 7th, 2017
The carboots are literally flea markets or sales of some stuff where vendors sell second-hand goods usually directly from open trunks of their cars. This kind of flea markets has become an integral part of British culture. They exist in almost every town of the British Isles. Generally, there are such markets all around the world, but still, in England, they have their own unique vibe. During my stay in 


, I visited one of the British carboots.
2carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgOn early Sunday morning, the playground of the Twin Spires Complex in the north of 

Belfast was packed with

 cars. I must say that these flea markets are popular both among sellers and buyers. For some of them, it is a great way to get rid of accumulated junk, for others – this is the opportunity to buy some quite unique things.
3carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgThe British have it in their blood the passion for collecting all sorts of things. They almost never had to deal with the devastation, wars, mass migrations and pervasive hunger for centuries. So, gradually accumulated family assets with all movable and immovable property had been passing from generation to generation.
4carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgTherefore, even when there’s time to radically change something in life, no resident of the British Isles throws the junk collected during the centuries in the trash. One is ready to pay 20-30 pounds for a place on such a flea market to stand in the wind and rain all day, and sell all these things, barely covering the expenses associated with the sale. Nevertheless, they're happy because almost doomed things will now long serve their new masters.
5carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgThere are amazingly unique items on the shelves in the carboot market in 


. One can recognize real rarities among the piles of obsolete TV-sets, kitchen utensils, and ancient equipment.
6carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgOne can find unique handmade dolls among shabby Chinese Barbie dolls, stuffed rabbits, and dogs, or military uniforms among used dresses and shoes. In short, the traces of entire eras of the past and present of the Northern Ireland can be observed in the Belfast flea market.
7carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgWell, paltry prices are the main attraction for buyers.
8carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgAlthough, I was personally shocked with some items, like the rotten dolls that can only be used in horror movies...
9carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgThere are children in some trunks. No, they are not for sale, of course. They just hide from the cold wind from the sea under the hood of the trunk.
10carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgThe whole families of the residents of the city of Belfast come to this market accompanied by four-legged friends.
11carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgThere’s a spirit of commercial goodwill on the carboot flea market. The sellers are glad to tell the story of every little thing and, of course, they may agree to bargain.
12carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpg13carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgSimply put, carboot is not just a usual market. This is an important part of the life of every citizen of Belfast and a good opportunity for the visitors to experience the real life of the capital of the Northern Ireland.
14carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpg15carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpg16carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpg17carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpgI bought (just for half a pound, in 2012) this Irish homemade toy hare to remind me of that morning walk in Belfast.
18carboot-flea-market-in-belfast-uk.jpg Author: Lavagra
Translated by: 

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