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Caribbean Aruba

Mike Seryakov • 5 minutes read • March 15th, 2017
Previously, there was one state - the Netherlands Antilles. Then small islands began to separate from it declaring themselves the independent states.


was the first one. It was followed by Curaçao and St. Maarten. Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba completed the process. What should the travelers do now? We should visit six states instead of one. :) Today I'll tell you about Aruba.
We left the ship, got into a car and rushed along the island for sightseeing. Aruba is one of the safest places on earth, although it is located some 40 kilometers from very unsafe Venezuela.

I decided to make 6 stops in the most interesting places in Aruba.
Local people are all fluent in four languages ​​at once. Dutch is official, Papiamento is local (a mixture of English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch), Spanish and English are compulsory for studying in school. 

The first stop is the quaint rock formations called 

Casibari Rock Formations

Enamored couples of different ages climb on rocks and look into the distance. Each of them subconsciously expect that their joint experience will strengthen their union.
There's a great cafe called "BonBini" where you can taste a bottle of cold "Balashi".
We went further. This is our second stop - the

Natural Bridge

Stone rocks naturally formed a bridge over a small lagoon. Surely everyone who visited Aruba was here.
The inscription says that you shouldn't walk on the bridge.
However, people walk there.
We went further.
We met a fisherman on our way.
Climate in Aruba is very dry. Almost nothing grows there. Local people have to import absolutely everything from neighboring states.

80% of the island's population are Catholics, so the next attraction is Alto Vista Chapel. There are crosses on the way to it. Not for nothing, but with some meaning.
This is an ordinary chapel. Because the island is small, all the tourists are brought here.
One can pray here.
This was our third stop. We have three more ahead.
Sometimes tourists ride in such funny buses.
There's also the old California lighthouse in Aruba. A steam ship with the same name sank here in the nineteenth century. Lighthouse was named after it.

Unfortunately, the lighthouse was on the reconstruction at the time of our visit and I was able to take only such picture.
This was our fourth stop.
Aruba is called "One Happy Island" in the Caribbean. You can see this inscription on the license plates. 
Aruba is expensive hotels, snow-white beaches, kitesurfing - that is all you need for happiness on the island of happiness. :)
Beaches in Aruba are some of the best I've seen in my life. The beach was our fifth stop.
Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, was the next. It seems that it was created by a woman who loved shopping. Stores are everywhere.
Christmas trees with Christmas decorations still weren't removed to the pantry and delighted tourists.
When you are in Aruba, you can take a tour of the island on such car. 
Try to take a picture of the famous inscription, only without people. I waited for 10 minutes and I did not manage to do this. Hope you'll be more successful.
There's also a free tram in Oranjestad. You can get in it and take a ride through all the main shopping streets of the capital for half an hour.
Look around and try to see the beautiful.
Do not forget to visit a store and buy a magnet on a fridge and a T-shirt with an "I love Aruba" inscription, well, or just take pictures of pretty girls.
My sixth stop in Aruba was left behind. It's time to return to the ship. I think 9-10 hours for Aruba is more than enough. Of course, it's more interesting to get acquainted with the Caribbean islands when the cruise liner is the basis of travel. 
Here's a map with places I visited.
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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