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What place on Earth comes to your mind first and foremost when you are thinking of the heavenly rest? Of course, the Caribbean! Luxurious beaches, unique wild nature, breathtaking landscapes and places of interest – and this is just the beginning!
The Caribbean Sea, over 7000 islands and adjacent coasts – that is the Caribbean. The islands are divided into three main groups – The Bahamas, the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. The Caribbean comprises 13 sovereign states and 17 dependent territories. The islands amaze with the diversity of their ethnic groups, cultures, languages and religions.
The earliest proofs of life on these islands are 7000 years old. The Saladoid, the Barancoid, the Mayoid, the Island Caribs, the Ciboney people groups along with many others inhabited the Caribbean region in different periods. Hard times for the area’s originals began after Columbus had discovered these islands – The Europeans brought here inextirpable diseases, slavery and wars. The region passed through the exhausting Colonial Era. The English, the French and the Dutch turned the islands into their military bases, centers for slave trading and into the endless plantations. 
The Haitian Revolution made Haiti the first independent country in the Caribbean in 1804. Some of the Caribbean states became independent from the European colonizers in the XIX century, while the others still remain the dependencies.
The Caribbean island’s climate varies from sub-tropical to tropical. The weather hold warm during the whole year. The average temperatures are 22-25 °C in winter and 25-29 °C in summer. The sun shines all the year around and the water temperature rarely occurs below 25 °C. The region experiences two opposite seasons depending on the amount of rainfall – the “wet” season lasting from May to November, and the “dry” one from November to April. The weather conditions are also characterized by constantly blowing tradewinds and by the possibility of strong hurricanes, especially in August and September.
The Caribbean area is a home for dozens of native animal, birds and plants that you won’t find anywhere else. High mountains, thick cloud forests, colorful coral reefs and cactus scrublands – these islands astonish with such a variety of eco systems. And plenty of the

Caribbean cruises

are ready to open you the world of this unknown unique nature.

Caribbean cruise deals

offer tourists to plunge into this wonderful combination of wilderness and high-grade rest. The region prepared a great number of different trip destinations –

cruises to Bermuda

, Bahamas, visiting the private resorts, etc. Whether you prefer relaxing on the endless beach or extreme adventures, you will find the best way to spend your vacations on these welcoming islands. Different sport competitions, bright festivals, exciting water activities and various sightseeing tours – just study one from the

Caribbean cruise line reviews

and you’ll see that all your dreams may come true.
The world’s popular trip destination is pardonably considered the

Bahama cruises

. The Bahamian Archipelago consists of 700 islands, only 30 of which are inhabited. Fishing and diving, windsurfing and different extreme activities – it’s just a little list of what the Bahamas have prepared for its guests. Exciting excursions, boat tours and eco tours, fascinating museums, galleries and other landmarks will sure make your vacations unforgettable. And you just can’t miss the famous Bahamas Dolphin Encounters, where everyone can eye the dolphins and sea lions and even swim with them. 
It is interesting to know that some of the islands in this region are the private ownerships of certain companies, among which are Princess Cruise Line (that owns Princess Cay), Disney Cruise Line (Castaway Cay), Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (Coco Cay), etc. And only person sailing the Bahamas cruise liners have an opportunity to enjoy the incredible rest in these private resorts.
Have you ever heard about the Bermuda beaches’ pink sand? It’s really not a falsehood! And various cruises to Bermuda will gladly give you the proof. Welcoming Hamilton, mighty historic buildings, chic apartments and glorious restaurants – your Bermuda cruise will show you what the heavenly rest means.
Caribbean and Bahamas cruises, Bermuda cruises and other cruise deals will present you the inimitable islands with their own secrets which should be unraveled. And it can be assuredly confirmed that every Caribbean cruise is definitely unique and worth taking – so it’s really pudding-time to start!
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