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Caribbean Dominica. P.1

Mike Seryakov • 4 minutes read • March 8th, 2017
Let's take a look at the beautiful tropical island - Dominica!
Even containers are tropical in this part of the world.
This is the local population of Dominica. The green national flag has an image of a bird - the imperial Amazon. It looks harmonious and reflects the obvious features of the island, which is covered with greenery. This parrot - the endemic of Dominica - is on the verge of extinction.
During the high season in the Caribbean, a huge cruise liner daily comes in the port of the capital of Dominica - the city of


Many islands in the


are famous for their beaches, but the Dominica's main pride is the numerous rivers and inland waters. Dominica is the greenest Caribbean island. :)
It seems, even local beer partake of Brilliant Green, but this is only at first glance.
This is the highway named after the former President Nicolas Liverpool.
Let's visit the sights.

Emerald Pool 

This is one of the most amazing inland basins of the island. Here's a picture from the entrance.
It takes 15 minutes on foot to the poll through the real tropical jungle.
This water area with a waterfall is called Emerald Pool. The most interesting attraction is to swim under the waterfall and try to stay under its streams. This is not the easiest thing to do.
Greenery is everywhere on the island. Here are houses in the forest.
This is a creative local taxi.
They create reservoirs for fresh rainwater in Dominica.
It flows through such pipes "strictly according to purpose".
Titou Gorge

If you want to test yourself out, go to Titou Gorge. This is the waterfall of the small river in Dominica.

This is the cold mountain river cutting through rocks. You have to reach the cherished goal - the lagoon with the waterfall - against the strong waterway, regardless of the strong current.

The current was very strong and, when approaching the waterfall, it threw us back on the rocks - just like a storm throws fishing boats wherever it wants. This is how an unapproachable target looks like from above - the Titou Gorge waterfall.
Nobody managed to reach the waterfall on that day. Let's continue our tour of Dominica (Caribbean Dominica. P.2)!
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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