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Caribbean Saona Island

Mike Seryakov • 6 minutes read • October 13th, 2015
Our cruise liner began its journey from the port of Santo Domingo, on its way to

La Romana

. This port city is the administrative center of the homogeneous province. It is located on the same island as the capital of the Dominican Republic. I changed my walk around La Romana to a water tour around the other heavenly corners of the island. I was ready to get going, Saona was waiting for me. It was a wonderful place, called Paradise Island in all of the guidebooks.

After getting off the ship in the port of 

La Romana

 we boarded the bus. The ride was wonderful. Outside, the lush green landscapes of the Dominican Republic stretched out before us. At our next stop we will take a boat to Saona.

Within 45 minutes the bus had parked and we went to the shore. While tourists went to look for 'Paradise Beach' as quickly as possible, life was humming here. Men were repairing a motor.

While women cooked porridge...

Working outside has many advantages, one being not having to run to the gym after work to stay in shape. Physical work in the fresh air trains and grinds the body but it is most likely that this man will never have to suffer working an office job.

Several boats left to take people to the Saona Paradise. Under the close supervision of guides, tourists were moved from buses to boats before sailing away.

The trip to Saona has a few stops; vacationers are given the opportunity to swim in the shallow water.
To avoid boredom, the boat's captain - who is also the bartender - treats passengers to rum and coke in plastic cups.  

People were already waiting for us on Saona. Local 'barkers' lured crowds of guests to their cafes. Lobsters were the first to be offered everywhere we went.
And coconuts. On the island there are several places where the tourist boats dock. There are no roads, you must travel by boat to each village. The island is not small, with an area of 45 square miles (117 square kilometers).
We 'docked' on the westernmost bank of Saona, in the village of Catuano.

I don't eat lobster but I happily accepted the offer to participate in their preparation.

The bulk of the tourists enjoyed an 'intellectual and cognitive' rest. Eating, drinking, resting and romance.

The village starts immediately behind the beach. Potemkin village could be seen just beyond the fence. A totally different scene from Paradise beach.
Here, like is completely different. Many Westerners dream of owning a house by the sea while the native islanders have one by default. In different circumstances of course.

Baby Dominicana:
I came across this baby on my walk, his expression seems apprehensive to have strangers taking his picture!

The 'Heavenly island' from another angle.

Time was our enemy, however, so we quickly got ready and went back to the liner. Walking through the village and the tour was interesting but I hoped to have more time to walk around

La Romana. I'm sure I would had many more impressions of life on the island.

From the island of Saona you can buy an original souvenir: a bottle of rum with your photo. A little cheesy but nice.

Our stop in La Romana only lasted half a day and by lunchtime, we had to head back to the ship.

Here, the last passengers were climbing aboard the ship - arriving late just like us.

Saona island and the coast of the Dominican Republic were left behind, and people went back to business as usual. Their set on the ship is small. You can swim, read, sleep or drink, as the ships is all 'inclusive'.

I was surprised when I met so many tourists from Venezuela. Under the 'strict guidance' of local leaders the national currency of the country depreciated by almost 20 times in 7 years. This, of course, was just an 'american-alien provocation' but people, continued to travel.
Venezuelan girls.

And Venezuelan boys.

It was an interesting first day on the ship.
Author: mikeseryakov
Translated by: Gian Luka

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