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Carnival Paradise Heads Towards Cuba

3 minutes read • February 17th, 2017

Carnival Cruise Line

has finally reached all the needed agreements and joined NCL and RCI in their intention to open us Cuba.

Carnival Paradise

is ready to set voyages to Havana, Cuba already in June 2017.
© Photo by Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival Paradise will depart on her first cruise to Cuba on 29/07/2017. The ship is going to sail eight 4-day cruises with an overnight stop in Havana, as well as four 5-day ones with stops in Cozumel, Mexico or Key West.

Cuba is a unique island still unknown to most of the travelers.


is happy to provide their friends with the opportunity to become “pathbreakers” of this new cruise destination. Guests of Carnival Paradise will be offered numerous tours aiming to show the real beauty of Cuba, its landmarks and culture and its friendly people.

Note that you should read special requirements needed for these cruises. You can find them and additional information on itineraries and dates on the Carnival's official website.

Read about intentions of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. to show us unknown Cuba.
© Photo by Carnival Cruise Line© Photo by Carnival Cruise Line
Source: Carnival Cruise Line

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