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Carnival Splendor Misses 2 Ports Because of Technical Issues

3 minutes read • March 3rd, 2017
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Carnival Splendor

misses 2 ports. The ship broke down and is riding now on one engine. She is expected to spend 4 days at sea without stops in the last 2 ports of her itinerary.

The ship is scheduled to return in the port of 


on Sunday morning. People onboard still weren’t given a meaningful response on situation and aren’t sure that Carnival Splendor will do it in time with only one engine.

All the travelers booked for the next cruise on Carnival Splendor have received an email from 

Carnival Cruise Line

telling that “it is uncertain what impact this may have on the itinerary for your upcoming cruise. However, we expect to have more information by tomorrow evening and will provide you another update by 6:00PM”.

Source: Carnival Cruisers...Past, Present, Future/Facebook

Letter from Captain
Source: Javon Javonn/Facebook

For more information check announcements on the company’s official website.
© Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

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