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Carrefour Angrignon

shopping, shopping mall, shop, store, department store

Carrefour Angrignon is a Canadian shopping centre in the Montreal borough of LaSalle in Quebec. Popular stores include Sears, Target, Bureau en Gros, Sears Home, Best Buy, Maxi and Famous Players. There is also a food court, located between Sears and Famous Players. Built in 1986, it is located on Newman Boulevard, at the intersection with Angrignon Boulevard.

Due to its relatively young age, Carrefour Angrignon has more original anchors left than any shopping mall in Montreal. Of the five anchors from 1986, two (Sears and Maxi) are still in the mall.


Anchors from its debut in 1986 until 1991 were Sears, Zellers, Maxi, Eaton's and Pascal's.

The mall underwent changes in 1991, as the former Pascal's store became a car lot for a one-year period (Rallye Honda Lasalle) prior to being split in two to become a movie theatre. Cine Entreprise built the theatre before Cine Entreprise was itself sold to Famous Players. By 1995, Famous Players and Future Shop occupied the former Cine Entreprise space. After a succession of ownership changes the movie theatre is now owned by Cineplex.

Eaton's closed in 1998, one year before the chain went out of business. Eaton's former space is occupied by Sears Home, Bureau en Gros and Sports Experts/Atmosphere since the early 2000s.

Future Shop moved to a new standalone location in 2004; it was demolished and rebuilt as a Best Buy store. Fortune Cinemas replaced the Famous Players location in 2006, only to be repurchased by Cineplex a few years later.

The Cumberland Drugs chain, which replaced Kanes Super Drug Mart in 1990, became an Essaim in 1997, changing to the current Pharmaprix by 2005.

Target was assuming the lease of the current Zellers store on November 13, 2013.

Target was closed in 2015.

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