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Casa Manila

Intramuros Admin, Gen. Luna St.
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Casa Manila is a museum in Intramuros depicting colonial lifestyle during Spanish colonisation of the Philippines.

The museum is the imposing stone-and-wood structure c. 1850, one of the grand houses in Barrio San Luis (one of the four original villages of Intramuros) is located across historic San Agustin church and bounded by Calle Real, General Luna, Cabildo and Urdaneta streets. The other two are the Los Hidalgos, c. 1650 and Cuyugan Mansion, c. 1890.

Casa Manila is a copy of an 1850s San Nicolas House that was once located in Calle Jaboneros. The architect of Casa Manila was J. Ramon L. Faustmann. It was constructed by Imelda Marcos during the 1980s and modeled on Spanish colonial architecture. ||| Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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