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Catalonia In Miniature

Nikolkaya • 3 minutes read • July 1st, 2016
In Spain, there is the largest (in the world) and only

park of miniatures

in the vicinity of 


. It was wonderful! This park is especially for those who want to see as much as possible, but have little or no time, or wish to go somewhere else. Here you can find 150 of the most famous, impressive, monumental buildings and attractions of Catalonia, all in one place.
I have a catalog, but I'm curious as to how well you know Catalonia. Personally, I immediately identified at least 10 sights :-)
1catalony-inminiature.jpg2catalony-inminiature.jpg3catalony-inminiature.jpg4catalony-inminiature.jpg5catalony-inminiature.jpg6catalony-inminiature.jpg7catalony-inminiature.jpg8catalony-inminiature.jpg9catalony-inminiature.jpg10catalony-inminiature.jpg11catalony-inminiature.jpg12catalony-inminiature.jpg13catalony-inminiature.jpg14catalony-inminiature.jpg15catalony-inminiature.jpg16catalony-inminiature.jpg17catalony-inminiature.jpg18catalony-inminiature.jpg19catalony-inminiature.jpg20catalony-inminiature.jpg21catalony-inminiature.jpgThis was a wonderful park. You really sink into the time period - the cars being driven, the ships and trains moving, the elevators working, the skiers descending from the mountains. In short, everything was working, moving, buzzing.
I recommend a visit!
22catalony-inminiature.jpg Author: Nikolkaya
Translated by: Zoozi

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