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Cathedral and Museum in Palma de Mallorca. Modern Art

o_l_g_a_r_i • 7 minutes read • August 11th, 2016
Here's a picture from the cathedral in

Palma de Mallorca

. Some details of the interior were even designed by Antoni Gaudi.
This is the cathedral called 

La Seu

The cathedral is not only pretty old, but also quite beautiful.
There even must be an inscription at the entrance telling that there's no cathedral like this one in the world (I didn't check it). Well, it means - there's no such beautiful cathedral. I do not know when it was written as the Cathedral was under construction for a long time (and it is being decorated even today) - the construction began in 1230's on the ruins of an Arab mosque, and it was completed only in 1601. Probably, at that time, the Cathedral really boggled the imagination! Moreover, people didn't travel a lot at that time and there was nothing to compare it with)))...
Here's how it looks from the entrance to the underground parking lot.
It's a pretty lovely building.
And here's a closer look...
By the way, there was a big line to the parking lot - probably, you are permitted to enter it only when some space becomes vacant - and it was too slowly. Maybe, it was better to choose another parking lot...
To enter the cathedral, you also have to pay for some kind of museum - I will show you a couple of photos from there... By the way, if I remember correctly, previously, it was possible to pay only for the cathedral... Probably, no one wanted to go to the museum, so they were unassumingly united, hum...
The cathedral inside is similar to many others. It is a pity that there was almost no sun on that day - we weren't able to admire works by Gaudi in all their glory, alas (((... Because when the sun passes through the stained glass windows, everything there becomes painted in bright colors).
But in general, it was too dark there, my pictures in such conditions appeared to be pretty bad - you can only guess, what's there and how it looks like...
There are many beautiful stained glass windows...
But the most interesting thing here is the Chapel of Holy Sacrament by the local master Miquel Barceló (the work was completed somewhere about 8 years ago).
It's a very bold decision, by the way, and because of many reasons - first of all, the artist is irreligious. And his opinion about the biblical theme is also nontraditional, to put it mildly.
Here, look at this...
You can see here Christ Crucified (his presence was the only condition set on the artist).
And here's the improvisation on the theme of "five loaves and two fish", with which Christ fed a crowd of people (in the picture, we can see not only fish and loaves, but also fruits and vegetables, wine, and other edibles - just like the Maslow's pyramid).
And the amount of fish is much bigger than just two, by the way, and they remind of some horrors - they climb to the surface, like zombies from the ground, with their bloody mouths opened... brrr!!!
And this "panel" was made of such "improvised materials" like fish bones (and not only fish!), skulls and... of the local mud. And children helped the artist - I think, you can see their pains in many places))).
As you can see - here is the theme of the sea, the theme of fisheries, and of the mud ... And all of this is so local, as well as the artist himself. I think, if the artist was not the celebrity of


, he wouldn't have got the permission on such a trick...
And I wonder - maybe, the local bishop chose him for this job, because he knew the passion of Miquel Barceló to exhibit such "works of art" like dead bodies of animals, and so on?
Anyway, it seems that parishioners liked the work, as far as I know, displeasure was caused only by the price and by the fact that Christ appeared to be too small in size... On the other hand, the author is just one and a half meters tall, maybe, he created himself?...
The result turned out to be quite good - I noticed that this place was the most crowded))).
And here are more photos, from more trivial places of the cathedral)...
And here are several pictures from the so-called museum...
Here, this one is in the style of a very contemporary artist, although, of more ancient version)))...
And then we went to wander around Palma de Mallorca (by the way, the city is nice in every respect) and visited one of the art museums, which we hadn't visit before. I always try to leave such museums "for bad weather", and not to waste time on them during the vacation, because it is always better to look at such things at home, when exhibitions arrive there - you have more time at home))).
You may ask - why did we visit it?
It just turned out that this museum is free (and it can be quickly run through on the cross) and a guide book praised the building itself (the villa built in 1700) - there is a beautiful courtyard, etc....
That's how it looks like, when you enter it.
It's interesting that the guide book did not praise a collection of paintings - it is not like the Hermitage and the Louvre...
This is Museu Fundatcion Juan March Palma, there are paintings by Picasso, Miro, Dali... and by the younger generation of Spanish artists...
I took pictures of the most important things here - so if you want to save time during your trip, you can browse pictures))).
Here's how the museum looked like...
And next to it, on the same street - there are many other artists)))... And you can look at them also for free)))...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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