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Cavendish Mall

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The Cavendish Mall (also known as Quartier Cavendish) is an indoor shopping centre in Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec, Canada. It includes a food court, multiplex movie theater and a medical clinic: the CLSC Rene Cassin. A small highrise office-building is adjoined to the mall's southern half. Redeveloped in 2011, the mall was reduced to almost half its original size.

David Cronenberg's 1977 film Rabid features scenes shot in the mall.


The mall experienced declining patronage over the past decade due to an aging population and limited access by car because of the city's failure to extend Cavendish Boulevard. Another serious blow was the closing of its two main anchors: Eaton's and Canadian Tire. Other notable closures included Caplan Duval, The Source, Gap, Consumers Distributing, Music World, Steinberg's, Miracle Mart, Staples and restaurants: Pumpernicks, Cattleman's and Katerina's. With the southern half of the mall vacant it had been considered a dead mall throughout the 2000s. In 2010, a large portion of the mall was demolished to make way for a new residential development.


  • 1973: Mall opens. Anchors are Eaton's, Warshaw's, Steinberg's & Miracle Mart
  • 1978: Warshaws closes; becomes a Canadian Tire
  • 1986: Miracle Mart closes; space divided to become Lupton Duval (later Caplan Duval) & Cineplex Odeon
  • 1991: Opening of J&R Kosher Meat and Delicatessen.
  • 1992: Steinberg's ceases operations; this store is taken over by IGA
  • 1995: Firestone taken over by Pneus Expert.
  • 1996: Consumers Distributing closes.
  • 1997: Scotiabank acquires National Trust, although old National Trust signs remained until partial mall demolition.
  • 1998: Eaton's closes; part of space becomes Superclub Videotron.
  • 2005: Canadian Tire closes & RadioShack becomes The Source By Circuit City
  • 2006: The Gap closes.
  • 2007: Music World, Browns Shoes & The Source close. Dollarama opens in (part of) Canadian Tire space.
  • 2009: Caplan Duval and Superclub Videotron close.
  • 2010: 40% of the mall demolished to make way for residential housing development.
  • 2011: Cavendish Mall rebranded as Quartier Cavendish.
  • 2015: Staples closes.

Consolidation and revitalization

In August 2007 the owners announced a partial demolition to reduce the mall and consolidate its tenants. In August 2010 the remaining tenants were relocated to the north end of the mall. Demolition of the south end began October 2010.

In December 2010 demolition of 40% of mall was completed, effectively removing its southern end. The mall was reduced to 250,000 square feet (23,000 m2) of space (for let) with room for 55 stores and space for an small indoor children's play area. Previously the mall was approximately 400,000 square feet (37,161.2 m2). Extensive reconstruction was done in the old Caplan Duval site, where the CLSC Rene Cassin is now located. The former section of the demolished mall under went construction of roads and sidewalks along with newly built townhouses and semi-detached homes. This included the sale of 39 lots for single-family homes.

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