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Celebration Of The 125th Anniversary Of The Kurfurstendamm In Berlin

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • March 28th, 2016


celebrated the 125th anniversary of one of the most famous streets in the city - Kurfustendamm or Ku'damm, as the Berliners call it. I do not know how many hundreds of thousands of people came to this festival, but I didn't see there anybody drunk or tipsy.

Huge inflatable fish, dragons, and snakes floated along the 


street for 2 hours. All this was accompanied by music. By the end of the march, I've lost the line between reality and fairy tale and was watching the wonders above my head with open mouth...

The festival began before dark with a few fish and a snake:

Each flying monster was controlled by 2 or more people:

Sometimes they lowered their fish to the ground, and then you could see lots of hands in the air - everyone wanted to stroke the fish, but nobody grabbed its fins:

Huge birds, crabs and sea-horses were running in the crowd in addition to flying monsters:


actors were so good it was almosts impossible to notice the woman's face, carrying the blue bird, at once:

Сrab was the most restless. All the time it strove to grab someone with its hands. Especially funny were young girls, screaming and running away from it:

Sometimes birds and fish were raised high in the air:

But more often, they clung to the ground squeezing under the trees and traffic lights of Berlin :

Periodically snake attacked the crowd and tried to eat it to the delight of the audience:

There were a lot of tphotographers:

Procession stopped for a moment at the crossroads and flying creatures hovered over the heads:

New monsters appeared in the sky at every large intersection:

It ended on the square near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church :

Huge ball with a girl soared in the sky:

Beasts stood on their hind legs and watched her with amusement:

When she flew back, they rushed to fight and bite each other:
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Translated by: Gian Luka

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