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Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages

6 minutes read • September 11th, 2018
Are you going on a voyage with Celebrity Cruises? You got everything figured out, right? Well, today we’re going to talk about

Celebrity Cruises drink packages

, in case you have not yet reviewed the issue.
Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages
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When you plan your adventure, you try to think over all the details to make it careless and enjoyable,  and cruise lines do everything they can to help you. Various packages are one of the ways to save money and time and get additional opportunities. This also applies to Celebrity Cruises drink packages.

First of all, we should note that cruise lovers are not allowed to buy/drink alcohol, as well as to purchase alcoholic beverage packages on the company's ships if they are less than 21. However, drink packages on Celebrity Cruises are not just about the alcohol – you’ll see it below.
The prices are mentioned per person/per night. However, you must buy the package for the length of the sailing, that is you can’t pay only for selected days.
Another important note: you can’t share beverage packages with other passengers.
Now let’s see the list of options offered by the company.

  • Non-Alcoholic Packages
Package Details Price (starting from)
Soda Packages fountain and canned soda $9
Premium Bottled Water Package premium bottled water $16
Classic Non-Alcoholic Package soda, juices, coffee, tea, bottled water $18
Premium Non-Alcoholic Package Classic Non-Alcoholic Package + non-alcoholic frozen drinks, specialty bottled drinks $22

  • Premium, Classic & Standard Beverage Packages
Package Details Price (starting from)
Standard Beverage Package fountain soda, bottled water, selected wines, beers, cocktails, selected spirits (up to $6) + 10% on wines (bottle) $45
Classic Package Standard Beverage Package + coffee, tea, juices, selected spirits (all drinks up to $9) + 15% on wines (bottle) $55
Premium Package Premium Non-Alcoholic Package + Classic Package + drinks up to $15 + 20% on wines (bottle) $69

  • Wines by the Bottle Packages
Package Details Price (starting from)
Classic Wine Package choose a selection of 3, 5 or 7 bottles and save 10% $109
Premium Wine Package choose a selection of 3, 5 or 7 bottles (Classic Wine Package + other premium options) and save 15% $149
Build Your Own Wine Package choose 3 or more bottles ($75 each or more) and save 15%  

Please note that the company reserved the right to change the prices. Besides, Celebrity Cruises drink package prices mentioned above don’t include an 18% service charge.
Guests may use beverage packages in main dining rooms, specialty restaurants, cafes, and other venues. However, availability of certain options depends on the liner.
If you decided to order one of the drink packages we strongly recommend that you do it in advance (you can reserve it online). Of course, you can purchase the package onboard. However, its price will be slightly higher.
Now we invite you to check several photo examples of what you can get when ordering the drink package.

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Here’s an interesting review that we found on YouTube. It shows how many drinks you can have in a day if you opt for Celebrity Cruises Premium Drink Package. Of course, we can’t help but share it with you.
Video by In the Loop
By the way, don’t forget to look after yourself. Be aware that the staff has the right to refuse to serve you alcohol if you demonstrate the irresponsible behavior.
Do you usually order drink packages on cruises? What do you think about their worthwhileness? Please share your thoughts in the comments.
BTW, we conducted an interesting experiment to find out how many drinks one should drink each day to justify the beverage package, and you can check the results via this link.

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