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Celebrity Edge: Pictures from the Shipyard

4 minutes read • April 17th, 2018
This spring intends to be really exciting because we are going to greet new cruise ships almost every week. However, in the stream of the latest news, we somehow forgot about one of the most revolutionary cruise liners of this year – about Celebrity Edge. Perhaps we would never have got so many photos from the shipyard. However, fortunately, there is Instagram, and the shipyard workers and tourists regularly share pictures on their Instagram profiles. So, here’s a small Instagram-analysis of Celebrity Edge construction.
In case you missed: in late January 2018, the ship touched the water for the first time and went from the dry dock to the pier.
It is a view of the shipyard.

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Here’s an aerial view. The ship looks very impressive. As you can see, the Magic Carpet is already installed! It’s a revolutionary solution! We are looking forward to it!

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After Celebrity Edge left her dry dock, the number of angles significantly increased (you can leaf through this post).
Let's get a little closer to the ship. Apparently, the second picture in slider was taken in the Magic Carpet.

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The ship is shaped perfectly. She looks absolutely futuristic. Especially her bow.
She looks so amazing, even now.
Here’s a night view. We can imagine Celebrity Edge leaving the port in the evening. It should be a gorgeous sight.

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We looked at the exterior, and now let's walk along the upper deck of the ship. It’s the Edge’s Solarium. There will be a glass roof.

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It is a pool zone. If we are not mistaken, there shouldn’t be a roof over it.

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What do you think about the new star of Celebrity Cruises?

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