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Celebrity Solstice. P.4.

Igor Kolesnik - i-image • 3 minutes read • November 8th, 2015
The food served at the round-the-clock buffet was excellent and takes up a whole dining hall on the 14th floor, and offers a gorgeous view of the ocean. There is a lot of variety in terms of menu items depending on the time of day:

There are dozens of restaurants onboard, however many of them require an additional fee. However, there is no needed to pay extra because the dining services included in the ticket price provide excellent service and good quality meals:

On the first day the chefs from the different restaurants arrange in the main lobby to showcase the variety of dishes offered:


The entertainment deck, including 

swimming pools, can be seen from the elevators. Below is the 



Lunch with a view:

There is also a glass-blowing shop onboard. 

The ball is carefully molded using a special wooden tool. Then the dyes are added and the ball is heated again:

...and then they blow!

The glass returns to the furnace many times.

The artisan works intently. Even a small mistake will ruin everything.

The glass is then molded to form a vase.

Added fragments are carefully added.

The second glass-blower walks the audience through the various processes while also taking questions:

Back into the furnace:

When the glass has attained the desired shape, it is closed in a special heat chamber where it stands for over a day. Closer to the end of the cruise, all of the glass decorations are prepared for auction:

Sunbathing on the 

Celebrity Solstice


Later, a visit to Puerto Rico.
Author: i_image
Source: i-image.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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