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Central America. The beaches of Belize.

Isurok • 3 minutes read • October 9th, 2015


, home to beautiful beaches and the Mayan pyramids.

The island is a vision of paradise, with fine, white sands, palm trees and the warm, bright sun.

Half of the people in 

Belize are masons therefore many 

Masonic lodges can be found everywhere.

The hotel shown below features a club on the first floor. 

Locals enjoy a drink at the bar, conveniently located by the water.

Cool breezes sweep over the island:

Here, you can rent a boat and dive a little farther out from shore. 

Tourists in 


 can buy all of their beach necessities . . . at the beach!

Crystal clear waters allow you to see the exotic wildlife.

A small shark coming up for air.

Author: isurok
Source: isurok.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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