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Centre Commercial Forest

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The Centre Commercial Forest is a small shopping mall in Montreal, Canada, in the borough of Montréal-Nord. It is located on Pie-IX boulevard. The anchor was a Bureau en Gros (Staples). Others stores includes Pharmaprix, Dollarama, Rossy and a Yellow shoe source. There is a St-Hubert restaurant in the parking lot, at the eastern part of the mall. Originally a mall owned by Ivanhoe, it is now the property of RioCan.


Defunct grocery stores chain Steinberg originally built a supermarket on this land in December 1955. In September 1956, a strip mall anchored by Woolworth at the other end was added to form the Forest shopping centre, making this Steinberg one of the most profitable for the company. In early 1970s, the mall was enclosed.

In the 1980s, facing difficulties with others supermarket chains, the Steinberg became a Steinberg Super Marché, more akin to the 21st century supermarket. In 1992, when Steinberg went bankrupt, Provigo bought the store and after being a Provigo for a while, it was converted to Héritage (Provigo's former discount supermarket banner). After being Héritage, it became a Maxi.

Woolworth, which had survived the waves of closures of Woolworth stores in the 1980s, finally succumbed in 1994 when the chain folded in the country. Rossy replaced Woolworth.

When Loblaws (after having bought Maxi in 1998) opened a new Loblaws location south of the mall, the Maxi supermarket was closed and the space was taken by Bureau en Gros. Some years later, a Casa Grecque restaurant opened in a small part of the Bureau en Gros.

In spring 2011, due to Blockbuster financial difficulties, one third of all Blockbusters in Quebec were closed, including the location in the mall. The space formerly occupied has been taken by the Dollarama store.

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