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Cheese Production Process In Sardinia

Oleg Lenkov • 4 minutes read • February 11th, 2017
1cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpgI used to think that the production of cheese is a very complex and lengthy process. However, having arrived in


, I witnessed a local production of ricotta cheese. It turned out to be different.

For those who do not know - ricotta is a traditional Italian dairy product which, unlike most cheeses, is prepared not of the milk, but of a special whey which is in its turn is obtained in the result of preparation of mozzarella and other cheeses.

In fact, the fresh ricotta is a very delicate cheese with an amazing taste. That kind of ricotta that we tasted was made from sheep's milk. The name of the cheese is translated from Italian as "double hotted up" and describes thus the cooking process of the product.

Here's the description of the ricotta cheese production:
2cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpgMilk is placed in a special pan, and heat up to a certain temperature.
3cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpgThen a special serum is added there. As a result of mixing, a whey coagulum is formed as cheese and whey. When boiling again, dairy fats are collapsed, and then at the temperature of 70-90C the flakes of ricotta are formed in serum.
4cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg5cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpgIt is necessary to stir all the time during all this process. As soon as the pieces of flesh appear, one puts it in some plastic containers with a plurality of holes.
6cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpgThese holes are necessary to dispose of the milk that is left.
7cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpgAfter that, the rest in a plastic container is pushed up and shaped. This is a ready cheese.
8cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg9cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg10cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg11cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg12cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg13cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg14cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpg15cheese-production-in-sardinia.jpgWhen we went outside, we paid attention to the local vineyards. They were so beautiful that the question - why has the local wine seemed to us to be so good, did not need the answer.
Author: Oleg Lenkov
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