Chiesa della Concezione a Materdei, Naples, Italy | CruiseBe
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Chiesa della Concezione a Materdei, Naples

History and museums
church, walking, history, culture, sightseeing 

The Church of the Concezione a Materdei is a church in the zone of Materdei in Naples, Italy.

Building was begun in 1743, and included a conservatory for children. Reconstructed in the present configuration in 1789. The conservatory fell under the leadership of a royal magistrate.

The interior has an altar whose design is attributed to Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, or his studio. This Jesuits esteemed this architect and commissioned the sliver statue of the Immacolata for the church of the Gesù Nuovo. Near the chapel on the right is the underground tomb of the Serra family from the Duchy of Cassano. The architect of the Spire (Guglia) of the Immaculate Conception, near the church, is attributed to Giuseppe Astarita. Before placement in its present place, it was in the courtyard of the conservatory. The church versa in a dilapidated state and closed to visitors in 2012.

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