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Chinese Island of Hainan. P.2

Mike Seryakov • 7 minutes read • March 16th, 2017
We continue our tour of


(Chinese Island of Hainan. P.1).

Luhuitou Park offers a great view of artificial

Phoenix Island

. When I took these pictures, they just started to build up the island. Now this is a Luxury project with an elite residential complex, a hotel and a quay for cruise ships. Phoenix Island is connected with a mainland by a 390 meters long bridge.
Dadonghai is the second bay in Sanya. I would call it the most happening place in the resort.
It is close to the city, there are many discos, as well as various water sports. You can ride a banana, inside a ball, on a scooter (for some reason, only with a local assistant from behind).
Saleswomen, mostly of the Hui nationality, are an integral feature of Dadonghai. They constantly try to sell pearl necklaces, assuring that they are real.
I highly recommend you to visit the thermal springs of Nantian, it can be translated like the "valley of longevity". The total area of the territory is 12 hectares, there are 33 individual and public pools with thermal water. The temperature varies from 28 to 57 degrees Celsius. 
This is a "milk pool".
Some pools are so hot that I could not even enter them for 2 seconds, while some people quietly spent 2 or 3 minutes there.
There is also the "fish therapy", i.e. you are lying in the pool with small fish that cover you from all sides and bite off the small dried areas of the skin. I liked it, the feeling are good. You can even take a nap during the "fish massage".

I also tried an interesting sport in


. I still do not know how it is properly called. The idea is similar to water skiing, you are also pulled by the boat for the rope, but you are standing on a board of foam plastic.
Then everything is the same.
One of the popular excursions on the island is visiting the villages of the indigenous population.

The aborigines of Hainan Island are the Li people, who live mainly in dense tropical forests on the slopes of mountains in the center of the island. The Li speak the language of the Thai group. Their language have five dialects and a lot of local indigenous speeches, so the Li from different districts may not understand each other.

According to one version, the Li's ancestors moved to Hainan Island from the mainland in ancient times. The other says that they sailed from the islands of Southeast Asia and have lived here since time immemorial, long before the arrival of the Chinese. Old women of the Li still wear clothes from black homespun cloth, and their heads are covered with embroidered shawls.
You can see tattoos on their faces. Nowadays, tattoos are a thing of the past, but the Li keep and follow many other centuries-old traditions. You can fish with the help of the ancient Chinese method, throwing a stick honed like an arrow from a bridge. If someone catches fish, it's immediately cooked for dinner. I didn't manage to do this.
In the end, the Li people show their dances. A standard show program where one need to jump over sticks. I've seen this dance in many places in southeast Asia.
Representatives of another ethnic group living in Hainan are direct descendants of the Miao from Guangxi Province. They began to migrate to the island during the Ming Dynasty (14-17 centuries). The Miao tribes inhabited mountainous, inaccessible areas and led a nomadic way of life. They were engaged in hunting, fishing. They are famous as fearless warriors and have a rich and distinctive culture. Other inhabitants of the island were afraid of these tribes, because the Miao were famous for their sorcerous art and the ability to prepare poisons. The Miao still retain their traditions. They have a tribe elder, and they say that all the girls of these tribes continue to be taught witchcraft, and the young man - to hunt in the mountains. The Miao village is also the tourist attraction.

Miao performance is more interesting. They walk on broken glass, climb the stairs of sharpened knives and walk on the coals.
Then they hold the fire show, which can be often seen in Fiji.
After this act's performance, the guy's pants caught on fire and he ran to stifle them. Everything is real!
Yalongwan, the "Asian Dragon" bay, is considered the most prestigious of all three resort areas of the city. You'll find here the most expensive hotels, and it is located 25 km from the city of Sanya.

Once the first diving club in China was created here.
Beaches are almost perfect, they are with fine sand.
Strolling along the beach, you can walk to the Chinese military base, but the guard will not allow you to come very close to the warships.

If you take a closer look at this picture, you can see the Chinese warship in the background.
I was in Hainan in December, almost before the New Year. The Chinese were preparing to celebrate it and were making fir trees of coconuts.
Here's a stele of the Chinese culture symbol in the main square of Yalongwan.
It's also recommended to go on a trip to the Monkey Island, it's about an hour's drive from Yalongwan. You can get there either by boat or by cable car. About 2100 monkeys live there in natural conditions, and you can easily feed them. Many people also come in Hainan to be treated with the help of traditional Chinese medicine. There is not such "hype" as in Thailand, but you can have a great rest with your children here.
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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