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Christmas In Aarhus, Denmark

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
I will continue my review about the city I stayed in, 

Aarhus (Denmark)

At this time, let me tell about one of the main attractions of the city, the so-called "

Old Town

" (“Den Gamle By”).
This is kind of open-air museum (a museum of the local history), a small Danish town where everything has been collected according to the "ages" and each house retains the decor of each era. 
This museum is the oldest of its kind in the world, which is already more than 100 years old.
1aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgThe houses were carefully collected from all over Denmark and transferred to the 


The museum is "alive" in a sense, because you meet people dressed in costumes of that time - in the streets, hurrying about their business and shops, artisans in their workshops, etc. I personally liked it very much))).
2aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg3aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgThe most interesting room was a room with a "bird" ceiling.
Can you imagine the extent that people of that time missed the blue sky during their long gray winter they decided to paint the walls and ceilings!!!
4aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgLonging for distant countries?
5aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgI read that this longing for drawing on the ceiling and walls was fairly typical in the late 1600's, as the illusions were very specific to the Baroque style :) Wood panels were painted as "marble." People couldn’t afford Flemish tapestries, so there were just paintings of a "tapestry" on the walls...
6aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg7aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgIn this house, there was an exhibition devoted to Christmas.
Although this exhibition was oriented mainly for the children, it still had some interesting features.
In Denmark, when a house is decorated for Christmas, the local Santa Claus (juleman) is also paid a lot of attention. Basically, there are various Christmas gnomes - nisser.
Here they are shown in the attic (people used to think that they lived there).
10aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg11aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg12aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgOther "collectibles" include special Christmas spoons. There was a complete collection of spoons from the last 100 years.
13aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgAnd of course, here are Christmas stamps.
14aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgHere’s some Christmas schnapps!
Yummmmmm . . . 
15aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgChristmas is the most important holiday in Denmark.
There’s no special religious hue. The family gathers, has dinner and they exchange gifts. Some people go to church (but they are a very small percentage).
But it was not always so.
The Old Town represents something different.
In the old days people just had a small dinner (beer was obligatory), gifts were exchanged and they read the Bible.
16aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgBread and biscuits, sold here, were made according to old recipes.
17aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgA goose is cooked for Christmas dinner in Denmark (over 200 years ago it had mainly been pork). But in the old times, the furnaces of the poorer citizens weren't big enough, so they gave their goose to a baker, who cooked it for them. In order to not confuse the geese, half of a playing card was put in the goose, and the second half was given to the owner of the goose.
18aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgYou see those huge tanks? That's where schnapps was made! Meaning there was a demand :)
19aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgAnother interesting house was Borgmestergarden, a typical merchant's house at the time.
20aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg21aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgThat's how the rooms looked during the Renaissance.
22aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgThe "blue" room in the early Baroque style. In more affluent homes the walls were "insulated" with carpets (or other tissues), and if there was not enough money, people could simply draw on it :)
23aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgThis is from the late Baroque period.
24aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg25aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg26aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg27aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgAnd this was a neighboring shop.
28aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgThese are different signs.
29aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg30aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg31aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgAnd various houses.
32aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg33aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg34aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg35aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg36aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpg37aarhus-oldtown-christmas.jpgAuthor: o_l_g_a_r_i
Translated by: Zoozi

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