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Christmas in Cannes

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • March 29th, 2016


is a famous French city, and by chance, I came here to celebrate Christmas.

We all watched Hollywood movies with a vivid depiction of the holiday. Or rather, not so much the holiday as Christmas spirit and romance. I flew to 

France Cannes 

to find both. I wanted to feel it.

I have to say that in the movies, of course, a sense of celebration is much more festive than in real life. Maybe Cote d'Azur is not exactly the place where you should look for the spirit of Christmas. In general, you can judge it by the pictures below and a small report on what was happening...

Every European city holds New Year's Fairs with typical houses, stalls and tents for trade:

It is warm outside, people walk lightly dressed, there is absolutely no snow:

Excellent stand for fir-trees: just a piece of stump with a hole where you can insert the tree. It looks nice and natural:

Fir-trees are often painted white with special sprays. I also liked the idea, will try to get it next year:

I didn't expect to see a fly on a Christmas tree:

You can buy souvenirs and food at the fair.

Here are all kinds of value sets with a candle for 25 Euro:


Nativity scenes statuettes:

Some of them are sold unpainted so that the buyer can make the nativity scene in the author's color scheme:

Different sorts of jam are very popular:

Chocolate-covered marshmallows:

I love nougat. Sometimes I buy chocolate bars just to eat nougat. When I see such pieces, I try to go away quickly - otherwise, there is a risk to lose control and devour a whole hunk of it:

Sprinkled apples:


And, of course, oysters:

Bought oysters are delivered right to the car:

There is an ice rink just near the fair. There is even special equipment for people on wheelchairs. Christmas for everyone:

Holiday shopping. Most of the shops were open until 7 pm on Christmas Eve:

Of course, all the shopwindows are decorated in a Christmas theme:

Here fir-trees hang like brooms for a bath:

There are lines in all stores. Even in the most expensive ones:

Consumer appliances are completely sold out in electronic stores such as FNAC:

Not only parks and storefronts are decorated. You can find holiday installations even on the doors and windows of citizens:

This one was decorated with gnomes and aliens, for some reason:

Waitresses in the restaurants wear New Year's hats:

Even homeless people are in red hats:

Speaking of restaurants... A set menu for New Year's celebration is very popular now. It includes reservation for the New Year or Christmas Eve, as well as food and snacks. Prices vary: low-cost options are about 30 Euro, and expensive tables - with a stuffed turkey or lobsters cost 150 Euro:
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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