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Church of Our Lady of Hope

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The Church of Our Lady of Hope, also known as "Nossa Senhora Da Esperança" is a Roman Catholic church in the Diocese of Cochin. It is located at the island of Vypeen - the point where the Vembanad Lake merges with the Arabian Sea, with Fort Cochin on the other side.

The church, with an area of 10 km2, occupying southern end of Vypeen Island, is the northern most boundary of Diocese of Cochin. It happens to be one of the oldest churches in Cochin, built by the Portuguese in 1605 A.D




During the Age of Discovery, the Roman Catholic Church established a number of Missions in the New World in order to spread Christianity. The missionaries of the different orders (Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits, Augustinians, etc.) flocked out and began at once to build churches along the coast districts wherever the Portuguese power made itself felt.

This church was built by the Portuguese missionaries and blessed in 1605 A.D by Bishop Dom Andrea de Santa Maria O.F.M., the then Bishop of Cochin

The Dutch who conquered Cochin in 1663, destroyed all Catholic buildings in Cochin. Only the St. Francis Church and the Santa Cruz Basilica escaped this fate. The original wooden altar and screen of St Francis church were moved to this church when the Dutch took possession of St Francis church.

This imposing church was renovated in 2005 as part of its fourth centenary celebrations. The fourth centenary of her erection was celebrated on 19 November 2005.

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