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Church of San Nicolás (Valencia)

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The Church of San Nicolás de Bari and San Pedro Mártir is probably the best example of coexistence of a temple of gothic structure with its Baroque decoration found in Valencia (Spain).

In the Church of San Nicolás, of which the Pope Callixtus III was rector before becoming Pope, in the door that overlooks to the square of San Nicolás, is remembered with tiles the prediction of Saint Vincent Ferrer according to which Alfonso de Borja would become Pope and then will canonize him.

The church of San Nicolás was probably one of the first parish churches founded in the 13th century, and is presenting the usual single-nave with six chapels between the buttresses and polygonal head. Of the last Gothic still retains simple foot gate, built in the second half of the 15th century, with archivolts and a rose window above it with a meat dish in relief, alluding to a miracle of Saint Nicholas. To the right of this home, there is an outdoor Chapel closed with a gate which is called the fossar, because there was before the parish cemetery.

The other gate, which overlooks the square of San Nicolás, however is a neo-gothic 19th-century recreation, and for his access to the interior, where surprised the lavish decoration is Baroque, attributed to Juan Pérez Castiel and executed between 1690 and 1693, and especially the fresco paintings, designed by Antonio Palomino and carried out by Dionis Vidal, who covered the gothic vaults with scenes from the life of Saint Nicholas and Peter of Verona together with virtues and allegories in risky foreshortenings. It is also noteworthy the richness of the altarpieces of the chapels, where works of Juan de Juanes, Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina, Jerónimo Jacinto de Espinosa or José Vergara Gimeno.

The surroundings of the church are still the flavor of the old urban fabric, winding alleys and secluded squares, why it is worthwhile to wander peacefully, leaving that pop out to our historic buildings and corners of popular taste.

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