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Cimetière du Château

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The Cimetière du Château in Nice, France, is the burial site for notables such as:

  • Freda Betti (1924-1979), opera singer
  • Louis Feuillade (1873-1925), film director
  • Alexander Herzen (1812-1870), writer, novelist
  • Gaston Leroux (1868-1927), journalist, novelist
  • Emil Jellinek-Mercedes (1853-1918)
  • Carolina Otero (1868-1965), dancer
  • Renée Saint-Cyr (1904-2004), actress
  • Alfred Van Cleef, jeweller

The Cimetière du Château stands on the old citadel of Nice. Even today, some sections of the massive walls of the ancient fortress remain. The fortress, which was built in the 16th century, was once one of the most secure strongholds in France. The cemetery is as much popular for its function and history as for the scenic views of the city that affords.

The graveyard at Cimetière du Château, which was founded in 1783, has 2,800 graves, where some of Nice's most famous people lie buried.

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