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Città della Scienza

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The "Città della Scienza" (City of Science) museum, is one of the museums of the city of Naples, Italy. It was opened to public in 1996 and features various ares in which explore and learn about science, natural phenomena, and hosts a wide large number of science exhibits and culture events. It is also a promoter for sustainable technologies activities and enterprises. Its structures are located in Bagnoli, the ex industrial district in Naples, and its nucleus was built in a 19th-century workshops industry archeological site.


The museum was built by a public-private foundation called "Fondazione IDIS" in 1985–1996. Città della Scienza grew to become one of the most visited museums of Naples and actually is included into the list of “NGOs in official relation” with UNESCO. The Science Centre has been destroyed during a fire arson on 4 March 2013. The science area for kids was the first to be rebuilt and it is actually open to public. Being de facto destroyed and almost non functioning, Città della Scienza foundation communicates with public thanks to Facebook, its website and Derev (for crowdfunding). Various initiatives (either public and private) were created to collect funding to rebuilt completely the whole museum. In April a part of Science Center has been reopened to public.

There were three principal areas but, during the fire, Science Centre was destroyed.:

  • Science center, the first Italian scientific interactive museum
  • Training and development
  • Events area

Science Centre – Displaying sections

  • Science Gym
  • The Children's Workshop
  • Planetarium
  • Signs, Symbols and Signals
  • Gnam
  • Instruments of the past
  • The art route

The Città della Scienza organizes events and temporary exhibits about various matters. The most important event is "Futuro Remoto", exhibits and meetings about science, discovery and society. ||| Public domain

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