Coddu Vecchiu, Olbia, Italy | CruiseBe
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Coddu Vecchiu

History and museums
grave, archaeological site, landmark

Coddu Vecchiu is a Giants' grave located near the Nuraghe La Prisgiona. The site was excavated in 1966 by Editta Castaldi. While the name ‘Tomb of Giants’ (or Giants’ Grave) invokes images of the burial of giant human beings, the tombs actually have nothing to do with the burial of anyone other than regular sized people from the Nuragic civilization. According to some legends, giants were buried in these tombs, in large part due to the massive size of some of the stones used, some reaching as high as 100 feet tall.

The Giants’ Graves at Coddu Vecchiu remains mysterious because little is known about the ceremonies or rituals that occurred there, or the symbolism that was being invoked. It is believed that the doors in the tombs were used to facilitate passage into the afterlife. These doorways served as the barrier between the physical world and the afterlife. Mourners and others would leave offerings at the entrance to the tombs.

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