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Colombia, Cartagena.

Nikolkaya • 3 minutes read • October 26th, 2015
Founded by the Spaniards in Colombia, this 


seems much more Spanish than 


in Spain. It is an extremely pleasant, clean, positive, sunny town.

However, calling it a town is, of course, incorrect. Cartagena is the fifth largest city in Colombia.

Modern city lies on several islands and partly on the mainland on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The Virgin Mary welcomes everyone who comes by sea.

Right here, in the Gulf, locals are fishing.

The newly-married couple is being photographed near the wall of the old fortress.

This is the entrance to the Old Town.

And the Old Town itself:

The balconies are wonderful, you can walk for hours looking at them.

The main Square and the Cathedral are declared UNESCO world heritage sites.
At the square you can also find this urban sculpture:

Tourists, understandably, are taking a lot of pictures.

Tourists laid down on this chair (is it from the 

Palace of the Inquisition

?) so many times that it had already been tied up with wire.

Street cafes with nice views and cold beer are at every step. Just look at the statue of the lady, though. It is made of stone, isn't it delightful!? I even bought a souvenir statuette, it now lies on my monitor.

Local beauties are so nice that any bad mood in Cartagena will certainly improve.
Author: nikolkaya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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