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Copenhagen. Frederiksberg Park, Restaurant, Planetarium

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • July 31st, 2016
We visited 


 again, but this time the weather was not good.
This time, I want to share with you a wonderful park, or even more precisely - a garden in a park. It is located near the railway station, a 30 minute walk. But it is located in the opposite direction from the main attractions of the city and, therefore, there are usually no people at all, especially no tourists. The locals engage in jogging, eating snacks and reading books on the benches.
The place is very quiet and pleasant. So if you have free time, but you’re bored with the town center and the large crowds of tourists, then welcome to the oasis of silence,

Frederiksberg Park

1copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThe Fredericksburg district is also pretty quiet, one of the more or less decent parts of the city
2copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg3copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgHere’s a dog with the eyes of the Danish flag :)
4copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThe alley pavement immortalized actors of the Revue-theater.
5copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg6copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThe buildings show that this is one of the most expensive districts . . .  
7copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg8copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgWe saw a tragic monument on our way...
During the war, the allies mistakenly bombed a school with children.
9copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgIf you go to the park by a parallel street, called Vesterbrogade, there you will also find an “unremarkable sight”' - Lenin once lived in house No. 112. 
10copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgWe entered the park. The garden is the most interesting part of the park.
11copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg12copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThis garden belongs to the Horticultural Society, which is very old, by the way. It’s one of the oldest horticultural societies in the world!
Earlier the garden was open only to members of the society, before opening to the public. 
Here’s a building where they arrange meetings. If you join the society, you will be sent all the new items that are published in their special journal as well.
13copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg14copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg15copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg16copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgI liked the ponds there most of all...
17copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgAnd the flower beds were good too.
18copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThere were a lot of old trees and shrubs in the garden. Many of them were more than 100 years old! There were old rosaries there as well. But unfortunately, it was not the season for roses then...
19copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg20copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThis year's grapes did not have time to mature because of the bad weather. Such a misfortune for the Danish winemakers :(
21copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg22copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg23copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg24copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg25copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg26copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg27copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg28copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgHere are few photos of the park. It’s big and pretty open. There are usually more people in the garden.  
29copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgPeople can go boating :)
30copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThis is a view of the city, and of the courts and racecourse in particular.
31copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgNowadays, there is some sort of either military school or military unit in the former building of the castle...
32copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgThe weather turned bad, so we went to a restaurant for dinner :)
33copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgI have written about this restaurant before. We liked it very much during our last visit.
The meal was definitely the highlight of our time here (both the meats and the desserts). The meat was extremely good! 
34copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgLet me say a couple of words about the 


Well, we didn’t like it. We were given some antediluvian glasses and the film we saw was completely blurry. It was just terrible to watch :( Later we asked the projectionist the reason, but he said he did not know why that happened, it was possibly because the movie was old . . . 
So keep that in mind! If you are used to good quality, then you will be very disappointed with the quality of these movies!!!
Here is the planetarium.
35copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg36copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpg37copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgHere’s a couple of photos of the views around the planetarium.
38copenhagen-frederiksbergpark-restaurant-planetarium.jpgAuthor: o_l_g_a_r_i
Translated by: Zoozi

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