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Costa Blanca, Spain

o_l_g_a_r_i • 3 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
Let me tell you about 

Costa Blanca

I wouldn't mind spending an entire week in Pueblo Mascarat, the town I recently visited.  
1costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgThere was great parking and a couple of nice restaurants near the water, not far from our hotel.
2costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg3costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgThe beach was not very promising and there were hardly any people.  
4costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgWe went to 


Approaching the city, we saw a small lake with pink flamingos grazing in the shallow waters.
5costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg6costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgNear the lake, there were plenty of orange trees. Although we had tried these oranges many times, these turned out to be inedible.
7costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgCalpe was not as nice as 


 since it seemed, to me, quite large and very touristy.
8costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgThe rock in the distance is 1089 feet (332 meters) tall.  
9costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgEverything else looks and feels the same as the rest of the coast. There are high and low-rise hotels, cafes, the beach and the beautiful ocean!
10costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg11costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg12costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg13costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg14costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgThe prices seemed to be lower than in Benidorm. In any case, it was inexpensive :)
15costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgWe stopped a couple of times on the way in Altea.
But we couldn’t park there.
There were no parking problems on the beach because the parking lots were huge.  
The city is much smaller than the previous one, but still nice and cozy...
16costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg17costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg18costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpg19costablanca-altea-pueblo-mascarat-calpe.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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