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Costa neoRiviera Is Almost Ready to Turn into AIDAmira

3 minutes read • September 26th, 2019
Costa neoRiviera is almost ready for an incredible transformation. Currently a member of Costa Cruises’ fleet, she’ll turn into the new representative of AIDA Cruises,


, very soon.
Costa neoRiviera transformation into AIDAmira
Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

The transformation will take place in Genoa, Italy. Costa neoRiviera will head to the shipyard after completing her last cruise under the Costa Cruises’ flag on October 29, 2019. The work will last almost a month. New AIDAmira is planned to leave the shipyard on November 28, 2019. She’ll be renamed AIDAmira in Palma de Mallorca the next day.
After a 4-night voyage in the Mediterranean, AIDAmira will reposition to South Africa and offer sailings from Cape Town.

Costa neoRiviera
Costa neoRiviera cruise ship
Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

AIDAmira cruise ship
Photo courtesy of AIDA Cruises

Source: Costa Cruises

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