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Costa Rica. P.1.

River Pilgrim • 3 minutes read • October 28th, 2015

The distance from Panama to Costa Rica we went through pretty fast, and in the morning got on the roads of 

Puerto Limon

. The town and the port were not visible because of the morning haze. But we saw the sunrise in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, it became a daylight and we saw quite unpleasant and boring panorama of the small port.

It would seem that there was nothing interesting, but as it turned out - there really was nothing.

Such a small cruise liner moored next to us.

Delivery of the passengers ashore.

And high in the sky, above us, such birds were circling. What species is this?

And around us, the life of the port was seething. That's it in the pictures. 

And this is our mooring. Notice what a good equipment those dockers have.

Another cruise liner was coming, and there were four of them in total.

And we took another glance at the beautiful panorama of the mountains.

And going ashore.

In fact, 

the town 

from the land is as uncomely as from water.

So, we're going on a tour through the rainforest. Birds-animals-bananas-tropics - all this is of little interest. But the fact that part of the trip will be on the train through forests and banana plantations, and even a boat ride on the river - it makes it more interesting. But I'll tell you about it a bit later, in the next story.

Next part: 

Costa Rica. P.2.

Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Gian Luka

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